Top Bitcoin Scams to Avoid in 2021/2020

KanoCKPool Review

KanoCKPool Review is a Rip-off SCAM!

KanoCKPool is a cloud-mining service. And as our title suggest, it’s not really a legitimate one. In fact, nothing about Kanockpool do Com is authentic and their refusal to execute withdrawals for their investors has resulted in the exposure of their unethical business practices. Do yourself a favor by extracting the facts about this shady cloud…

FXSoftworks Review

FXSoftworks Review – Ignorant Get-Rich-Quick Scam!

Community feedback from authenticated investors combined with our analytical review will illustrate how wretched an investment opportunity that FXSoftworks is. Hosting a variety of investment packages, is promising investors that they can accrue instant earnings by simply depositing into their platform. No effort is required from investors besides depositing into their platform, which as we made…