Top Bitcoin Scams to Avoid in 2021/2020

EMining Club

E & EMining Club Review – Vague Pyramid Scheme or Legit?

EMining.Club is a cloud mining marketplace that connects sellers of hash power to cryptocurrency investors looking to accrue cryptocurrencies. Obscurely similar to NiceHash service, EMining Club operates with a more anonymous presence and provides far less information regarding their platform. Due to their recent inception a few months ago, EMining Club possesses relatively little investor feedback…

DScorpioHack Review

DScorpioHack Review – Unethical, Illicit & Vile Operation! takes a new approach towards soliciting prospective investors out of their hard-earned cash. Appearing as an online blogging operation, DScorpioHack features a variety of peculiar wealth creating products that will magically create or exploit money into your desired payment platform. Showcasing products referred to as money adders, DScorpioHack offers those wealth generating software for Bitcoin, PayPal,… Review Review – Convincing Ponzi Scheme Exposed!

CryptoBlaze, found at, is a malignant investment opportunity withering away the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency confines. Deceitfully embedding false visions of amassing unbelievably high returns with the aspirations of receiving as many Bitcoin deposits as possible is the focal point behind this investment sham. Well-designed to operate unobtrusively to the cryptocurrency community, we predict CryptoBlaze…

CoinXL Review

CoinXL Review – Scam or Legit?

This detailed CoinXL review takes a closer look at another cryptocurrency trading service, claiming to make you 150% return on your investment within 150 days. Long time ago, we’ve exposed a scam with a similar name, Someone asked us if was related to Our research led us to discover that there is no relation…